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Занятия УШУ
Занятия УШУ

Международные конкурсы и фестивали

8th International Piano Competition "Europe - Asia"

piano solo

Orsk, 14-18 June 2016


8th International Piano Competition "EUROPE - ASIA" is organized and sponsored by:

Orsk Administration,
Art School N2 (Orsk)

Our idea is to create a new forum for transnational communication of the art of piano and its various schools and traditions.

Terms of Competition

The Competition is for piano solo only. There are seven age categories. The participant's age is as of 14 June 2016.

Participants from age categories Junior - D are allowed to take part in senior categories excluding E and F. Competitors can participate in one category only.

Junior Category 5 - 7 years Free program up to 6 mins maximum
Category A 8 - 9 years Free program up to 8 mins maximum
Category B 10 - 11 years Free program up to 12 mins maximum
Category C 12 - 13 years Free program up to 15 mins maximum
Category D 14 - 15 years Free program up to 25 mins maximum

Category E

16 - 19 years

1st round: up to 25 mins maximum

  1. One Prelude and fugue by J.-S.Bach (WTK I and II);
  2. One Etude moto rapido by one of the following composers: Czerny (Etudes op.740, op.399), Toccata; Clementi (taken from Gradus ed Parnasum); Moszkowski (Etudes op.72); Friedman op.47, op.63; Henselt, Rubinstein, Kullak, Talberg, Low, Kessler (op.20), Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Buzoni, Pozzoli (Moto rapido);
  3. One Sonata / Rondo / Variations (not abridged) or their part(s) by one of the following composers: Galuppi, Haydn, Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven, Schubert;

2nd round: up to 35 mins maximum

  1. One or several pieces (transcription) of any genres composer Anton Rubinstein.
  2. Free program. The participants are not allowed to play any piece already performed in the 1st round.

Category F

20 - 30 years

1st round: up to 30 mins maximum

  1. One Prelude and fugue by one of the following composers: J.-S.Bach (WTK I and II), Mendelssohn, Rimski-Korsakov, Lyapunov, Taneev, Glazunov, Shostakovich;
  2. One Etude by one of the following composers: Chopin, Liszt, Rubinstein, Lyapunov, Blumenfeld, Skriabin, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Ligeti;
  3. Any large format piece of any epoch and style or its part(s), Variations - not abridged;

2nd round: up to 45 mins maximum

  1. One or several pieces (transcription) of any genres composer Anton Rubinstein.
  2. Free program. The participants are not allowed to play any piece already performed in 1st round.

Participation application forms

Attention! The deadline for sending the application form is may 15 2016.

Forms for email

Write all data in the application form. Send it by email (attachement). In a subject of the letter write "Europe-Asia" and yours a name and a surname.

Off-line forms:

Send the participation form to:

7th International Piano Competition "Europe - Asia"
Orsk Art School N2
1B Neftyannikov Street
462404 Orsk, Orenburg Region
Russian Federation

Phone: from Russia 8-3537-253-128
from abroad +7-3537-253-128
Send an email to:


Instruments will be provided for rehearsals during the Competition.


The Participant has to present his passport or ID, copies or originals of the pieces he is going to perform before performance.

Gala concert

All winners of first prizes play at the final winner gala concert. If a participant refuses to play at the gala concert without any reasonable cause, his prize will be withdrawn and his diploma will be annulated. The program of the gala concert will be decided by the jury.

All recording and broadcasting rights of audio or video material taken during the Competition and the Gala concert belong to the Organization Committee.

Prizes and awards

100 points - Grand prix (1st absolute prize)
95 - 99 - first prize
90 - 94 - second prize
85 - 89 - third prize

Note: If the level of performance becomes obvious or a competitor exceeds the time limit, the Jury reserves itself the right to stop the performance.

Money renumeration is given to the first absolute prize (grand prix) winners only.

Category Junior - $100
CategoryA - $150
Category B - $200
Category C - $250
Category D - $300
Category E - $500
Category F - $600

The prizes are paid in Rbl according to the exchange rate of The Central Bank of Russia and underlie federal taxes.

The Jury can award a special diploma to participants in categories A, B, C and D who did not win any prizes.

Participants in category E and F who were admitted to the 2nd round, but did not get any prizes, receive a diploma.

Jury decisions are final and not subject to change.


President of competition
Andrew Dzhangvaladze, Russia
Professor at Gnesin's Russian Academy of Music (Moscow)

Roberto Corliano, Italy
Professor of Piano at the Conservatory "T. Schipa" in Lecce

Sara Asabaeva, The Republic of Kazakhstan - Director of piano faculty of Kazakh National University of Arts (Astana), Professor

Irina Gabrielova, Russia - Teacher of Moscow Frederic Chopin College of Music Performing

Sergey Orlov, Russia - Professor at Rostropovich Arts Institute of Orenburg

Organization committee

Major of Orsk - Sergey Sucharev
President - Andrew Dzhangvaladze
Vice-President - Dr.Olga Zinoviev
Executive Director - Elena Kuznetsova, Director of Orsk Art School N2

How to reach us

By plane:
Direct flights from "Domodedovo" Airport, Moscow.

By train:
Daily departures to Orsk from Moscow.